I am a Runner | Part II

Week before last I wrote about my “healthy tipping point”, you can check it out here, well last week I failed to update you on my progress. In fact I failed to stick to my pack, but I was sick, so I feel I had a bit of an excuse. I don’t know if it was an excuse enough to eat almost a whole box of cookies and a real Coke all in one afternoon. 🙂 Oh well we all slip up at one point or another. However, so far this week has been better. I ate pretty good yesterday. I had an apple instead of candy, which is huge and I have all ready run six miles so far this week. So all in all a much better week.

In my first post I stated that I was going to train for a 1/2 marathon for this winter…well this is my first week of training. The 1/2 marathon is January 15th and is the Topeka to Auburn run. Yes, it could be brutally cold, but you know I need something to kick me into gear and I think this just might be it. Plus it is going to push me to run through the holidays, which I always need. 🙂

Oh and an update on the weight-loss goal…I am sad to say I have not lost any weight or inches, but not have gained any. So I would say that is not too bad since I was so bad last week! 🙂

Until next time…have a great day!

Arturo and I after the marathon. Next week I will talk about the Beef Endurance team I am part of! Have a great week!


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