At the Ranch | Kansas Photographer

This past weekend we traveled to the ranch in SE KS for a night. I snapped some of Arturo and one of the old barns! Enjoy…

Have a great week everyone!


I am a Runner

This was taken right as I crossed the finish line…26.2 miles in 4hrs and 50min.

I am a runner; well I use to be a runner. I completed my first Marathon about a year ago. The training and the marathon was awesome! However, I have not been motivated to log those long runs again. Yes, I am still running just not as consistently or as many miles and because of that “my eat whatever attitude” has caught up with me.

You see I have never been that thin of a person, but never really that big either. Just about 10-15 pounds heavier than I would like to be and that is why I started running, I was not going to go up a size in jeans. The constant running lead to training for a marathon summer of 2009 and I ran and completed the Kansas City Marathon in October of 2009. When I completed the race I had lost the 10 pounds I had always wanted to shed.  After the race I continued my eating habits, eat and drink whatever I wanted, and started slowly not running as much. Now I am right back to where I was this time about two years ago. I am so mad at myself!!!!

Yes I am going to run another Marathon, planning to run one this spring and plan to run a ½ this winter. However, when I was training, I ate whatever I wanted and was still able to lose the weight because I was logging like 50 miles a week. I know that my body will not allow me to do that on a regular basis, nor do I want to…I spent a lot of hours running last summer and it was fun and rewarding but this year I just got other things to do!

So here is the reason for this long-winded and not many picture post. I want to officially declare that today is my “Healthy Tipping Point”. I want to lose about 7-10 pounds before December 17th (so my jeans will be comfy at Christmas in NM) and along with that will be to learn to eat healthier to fuel my body for my runs, my life and my photography.

Wish me luck and I will be giving you all a weekly progress…because you are my Weight Watchers!!!

This was taken about mile 20…my Dad ran with me for a short distance in his cowboy boots and hat! I love this picture of us!

Green Family | Family Photographer

This is the second Green Family that I got to shoot when I was back home in East Texas. It was so much fun and what a beautiful family!

This is Rebecca and Don…they are Mark’s Parents and they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary the weekend I was home.

This is Mark and DeeDee…

This is Mark and DeeDee’s kiddos…

We will end on a fun image!

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